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There Are Benefits To Sending Your Child to College With a New Car

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Many parents who have college-aged children have likely been considering whether or not they should buy them a new car. There are several reasons why sending students to college with a vehicle is a great way to boost safety and set them up for greater success. Here are a few reasons why you should consider purchasing a new car for your college student.

Teaches Responsibility

Being responsible is an important milestone on the journey to adulthood. When you send students to college with a new car, they can quickly learn the responsibility of caring for a vehicle. Whether it is driving responsibly or staying on top of the insurance payments, these actions help make your child a more responsible adult.

Enhances Safety

The alternative to a personal vehicle is ride-sharing apps, public transportation, or a ride from classmates that your child may or may not know well. When your child has their own vehicle, they dictate when and where they go and are not forced into a situation where they are in a car with a stranger. This independence can mean enhanced safety.

More Manageable Repairs

If you plan to send your child with a vehicle, but you are deciding between a used option or a new one, a new car is often the better option. Used cars are generally more likely to break down, and most importantly, are rarely covered under a warranty. With a newer, more reliable vehicle that is still covered, repairs are often more manageable for first-time car owners. 

Allows for More Opportunities

Sometimes, there are extracurricular and academic activities for a student to take advantage of that are beyond walking distance from campus. However, if your student does not have their own transportation, it can be hard to take advantage of these programs. With their own vehicle, your child can have a richer experience and take on more activities that will help them succeed. 

Increases Control

In many vehicles, such as new Chevrolet cars, there are smartphone applications and vehicle features that allow you to do everything from pinpoint the precise location of the vehicle to set speed limits. With this access, you can have greater control over where your child goes in the vehicle and their safety on the road.

There are a variety of new car options that can accommodate your budget and needs. Contact a local car dealership for more information on the features a new car can provide a new college student.