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3 Reasons You Should Visit A Pre-Owned Car Dealer For Your Next Vehicle

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If you are in the market for your next vehicle, you will want to pay a visit to a local pre-owned car dealer. This is because used car dealerships offer a variety of benefits that you will not get from a dealership specializing in brand-new vehicles. You can learn a bit more about some of these benefits below so that you can better understand why a pre-owned vehicle is such a great option. 

#1: Pre-Owned Car Dealerships Offer A Wider Variety Of Vehicles

Most brand-new car dealerships only offer vehicles from one or two vehicle manufacturers. Consequently, your options may be a bit limited when shopping at these dealerships. This is not the case when shopping at a used car dealership. Unlike new car deals, pre-owned car dealers offer vehicles from multiple different manufacturers. This means that you will have a wider selection of vehicles to choose from and a better chance of finding a vehicle that is perfect for your needs. 

#2: A Pre-Owned Vehicle Will Depreciate At A Slower Pace

All vehicles depreciate in value over time. However, the rate at which a vehicle depreciates will slow as the vehicle gets older. In fact, vehicles experience the most dramatic drop in resale value over the first couple of years after they're manufactured. What this means for you is that a used vehicle will retain its value longer than a brand-new car will. This can be a very important factor to keep in mind if you may want to sell your car in the future. When buying a used car, you can often recoup a larger portion of your investment when selling the vehicle thanks to the slower rate of depreciation. 

#3: Pre-Owned Vehicles Can Save You Money

If you are hoping to save some money on the cost of your next vehicle, a pre-owned car dealership is definitely your best option. This is because while used cars may retain their value better, these vehicles often sell for far less than brand-new cars. In addition to their lower purchase price, used vehicles can also save you money on insurance costs since many insurance providers charge less to insure older vehicles. The reason for this is that used vehicles often have a lower resale value than new cars and therefore require less insurance coverage to fully cover the maximum value of the vehicle. In short, this means that used cars will cost you less both upfront and over time. 

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