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Is It Safe To Buy A Small Used Car?

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As you shop for a new car, you might be looking at used options to get the most for your money. As you peruse the options available to you, you might begin to wonder if small cars can be as safe as larger cars. 

If this sounds familiar, you are not alone. These are some of the things you might consider as you shop for a used car.

Why Consider a Smaller Car?

As you shop for a car, you might consider downsizing. Downsizing to a smaller vehicle is a great choice if you are tired of your truck or no longer have a need for it. These cars are great for saving money on gas and can also be more affordable than some larger vehicles.

Why Consider a Larger Car?

It's true that there is a science to the idea of bigger cars being safer. A larger vehicle is heavier and likely has a longer hood. This gives an advantage in certain types of accidents, including crashes that are head-on.

Of course, larger cars may appear to be safer based on accident ratings, but the truth is that larger vehicles may also come with a higher rate of rollovers. While this is by no means very common, it is important to compare the two options accurately if you are looking for a safe vehicle.

Should You Buy a Small Car?

The truth is that smaller, newer cars are typically safer than bigger, older cars. For example, a small car that is three years old will be safer than a slightly larger car that is 10 years old. Technology has changed a lot over the last decade, and newer cars are safer as a result—even if they are used.

When you look at used cars, you can choose a safe car by looking for side airbags and other features that will make your ride safer should something bad happen. Collision warning systems, cameras, strengthened roofs, and automatic emergency braking are all great amenities to consider as you choose the right vehicle to meet your needs.

Speak With a Dealer

The truth is that both large and small used vehicles can be very safe. Safety features differ from vehicle to vehicle, and you should consider the many options available for their safety factors first.

Are you interested in buying a used vehicle, small or large? A dealer can help you find the right car to meet your needs. You have so many options, so the earlier on you begin shopping, the better.