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Reasons To Buy Your High School-Aged Child A Car

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Many people get their first vehicle in college or upon graduating from college, but there are advantages to having a vehicle earlier in life. If you have a high school-aged child who has just received their driver's license, you may want to think about buying them a car now, rather than later. Together, you can visit your local car dealership to evaluate the vehicles that are within your price range and offer the features that your child needs. Here are some reasons that it's a good idea to buy a vehicle for your child while they're still in high school.

It Can Help With Independence

It's never too early for your child to learn the value of being independent, and having a new car can certainly help in this regard. High schoolers often have many opportunities to drive. For example, your child may use the car to travel to and from work, classmates' homes, and school itself — particularly if they'll be staying after school to participate in a sporting event or another extracurricular activity. There's little doubt that your child will experience feelings of independence because they won't constantly have to rely on you for transportation.

It Can Be Safer

You may also like the idea of visiting a local dealership to buy your high schooler a car because it can help them to be safer. Many high school-aged children take public transportation or walk as a way of getting around. Both of these behaviors have risks. For example, you might not like the idea of your child waiting at a bus stop after dark, and you may not want them to walk a long distance alone. Giving the teenager a car means that they'll be able to avoid the risks associated with public transportation and walking.

It Prevents An Expense Later

While some parents buy their children new vehicles just before they head off to college, there is a drawback to this idea. When your child is bound for college, you'll have plenty of expenses in the form of tuition, housing, and more. Instead of adding another expense at this time by buying a vehicle, think about buying one while your teen is still in high school. This will give you some time to work toward paying off the vehicle before you need to deal with your child's college expenses. Visit a local car dealership to find the right model for your child.