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Should You Go To The Dealer For Your Car Repair?

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When you need car repair, you have the option of going to the mechanic of your choosing or the mechanic of the dealer who you bought your car from. You can also go to the dealer of the make of your vehicle, since many car dealerships have their own mechanics who work specifically on the types of cars they sell.

Should you go to the dealer for your car repair? The answer is yes, and here are a few reasons why.

You can get your repairs for free

If your vehicle is still under warranty and it needs some fixing up, going to your local car dealer is beneficial to you because your repairs are often free. From repairs that are basic and common to more complex repairs on any type of car, your repairs can be low or no cost to you if your car is under warranty and the repairs needed are under warranty as well.

Speak to your car dealer to see if your auto repairs can be done at low to no cost. If you do have to pay for some repairs out of pocket, the dealership's mechanic can give you a quote for services.

You can get more personal service

When you go to the dealership to get your Nissan repairs or repairs on other vehicles you have purchased from a dealership or that are sold at certain dealerships, you get more personal service than you may get elsewhere. As a customer of the dealer, you can get a better timeline for repairs, be given customer perks for your patronage, and know your car is in good hands because you have a history with the dealership and understand the quality of work they provide.

You can get specialty car care

The mechanics who work at car dealerships are often specially trained in the types of vehicles the dealership sells, so if you go to a dealer for your car's repairs, you're likely to get specialized care that revolves around the make and model of car you own rather than generalized care. If you have a special or custom car, then you'll want to especially get the vehicle repairs you need at a dealer. Your repairs can be done by appointment, so check with your dealer to make sure your car can get fit in for appropriate repairs.

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