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Tips For Buying A New Car During The Holiday Season

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The holidays are a time for giving, but maybe this is the season you want to go big with a new car purchase for either a family member or yourself. If you are looking to get a new set of wheels between Thanksgiving and New Year's, here are some tips that might help you find a good deal.

Move Fast When You See Holiday Offers

The holidays are a popular time for huge sales on new cars. Just about every car dealer will be running one holiday promotion or another. The catch is that many of these promotions are so popular that they are only offered on a limited amount of inventory or only for a single day or weekend. For example, it's not uncommon for some dealers to have a "Christmas Eve Blowout Sale" on just that one day, looking to get sales from people desperate for a big, last-minute gift. So, when you see a holiday advertisement for a new car, get down to the dealer immediately. Delaying your trip might cause you to miss your preferred deal altogether.

Get a New Car That Is Technically Last Year's Model

Most dealers start getting cars for the next year as early as July or August. So, as just one example, 2020 model cars might be on the lot by August 2019, making any remaining new 2019 vehicles technically old or outdated. Most dealers will want to get rid of all of their remaining "new" cars from the current year by New Year's Day at the very latest. Because the holidays largely fall in December, this means you can likely get a great deal on a "new" car that is this year's model instead of next year's. Don't be afraid to push hard for extra incentives at the negotiating table in this situation, as most dealers will do whatever it takes to get these cars off the lot.

Show Up Early in the Morning

If you are going to partake in a local dealer's big holiday weekend sale, try to be the early bird. Chances are good that this sale is going to bring a lot of customers to the lot, and you want to make sure you have time to test drive the car and really think about the decision without feeling like you are being pressured or in a rush. Being the first customer of the day can also help during negotiations because the dealer or representative will want to get their first commission sale of the day and get the weekend off to a good start. 

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