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4 Upgrades To Prepare Your New Honda For E85 Fuel And Prevent Serious Damage And Wear

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The price of petroleum has caused prices for gasoline and diesel to rise, which is why many gas pumps now have E85 fuel. This fuel is a gasoline and alcohol mixture, which is designed for flex-fuel engines. Honda cars are some of the best cars to convert and add power with E85. which means your car will need a few modifications if you want to burn E85 fuel instead of conventional gasolines. Here are some of the upgrades that you will need to start burning E85 in your new Honda.

1. Making Changes to Your Fuel Pump and Lines for Ethanol

The first thing that you will need to change when converting to E85 fuel is the fuel pump. You will need to find and aftermarket fuel pump that is designed for ethanol, which will provide the engine with higher fuel flow. Ethanol requires a higher fuel flow rate because it burns at lower temperatures than conventional gasoline, which means it needs more fuel in each cylinder for combustion to take place. Using a stock pump with a lower flow rate will cause starvation issues due to the engine not getting enough fuel.

2. Fuel Injectors and Fittings with Larger Parts to Prepare for Ethanol

One of the problems with Ethanol is that it requires higher flow of fuel to the engine. To start upgrading the engine, you will want to replace all the fuel injectors with larger diameter injectors, as well as any fittings that are connected to the fuel system. This will give the engine better flow of fuel and prevent starvation issues when burning ethanol.

3. Upgrade Fuel Sensors and Fuel System Components for Ethanol

There are different sensors, solenoids, and fuel system components that will also need to be changed for E85 fuel. First, you will need fuel pump regulator and oxygen sensors that are designed for Ethanol conversions. In addition, any rubber lines that are connected to fuel and air intake systems will also need to be upgraded for the increased flow needs of E85 fuel. You may also want to talk with a certified Honda service about other emissions and fuel system components that may need to be changed when converting to E85.

4. Updating the Wiring and Fine Tuning Your Car to Get More Performance from Ethanol

One of the last things that needs to be done is updating the wiring. The upgrades include rewiring the fuel pump, regulator, and sensor. You may also want to make changes to the computer control module for fine tuning your car for the ethanol upgrades that you have just finished.

These are some of the modifications you will need before you can start filling up with E85 at the pump. If you are looking for a Honda to start converting to E85, contact a new Honda dealership and talk to them about helping you with the installation of the right equipment for your car.