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Tips For Selling Your Used Car

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Selling your car can be a simple and painless process if you know how to utilize the tools in front of you. There are an endless amount of resources to help you sell your vehicle for the right price. With these tools and a couple of useful tips, you'll sell your car for the most money possible. 


You need to list the car at a reasonable price to get people interested in the car. Companies like Kelly Bluebook can offer valuable and trustworthy information to help you assess your car's value. Be as realistic as possible to get the best estimate, and use this to determine your asking price. 

Clean the car

Your car will sell more quickly and for more money if it's clean. It'll take a bit more than a car wash, though! You also want to vacuum thoroughly, clean the tires and rims, and buy new floor mats. If possible, spend the money to get the car detailed thoroughly. 

Research the competition

Search for people selling cars similar to yours. You can see what other people are asking to help you set your own price. List your vehicle at or near the average asking price for vehicles that are similar to your car. 

Get the car inspected

Taking the time to get the car inspected will give the buyer more assurance that the car is in good condition. It's a small cost on your part that will ultimately increase the value of your car. 

Screen Your Buyer

Selling your car privately opens you to a wide variety of potential buyers. Sometimes these buyers cannot be trusted. Protect yourself by screening the buyer before you hand over the keys to the vehicle. Make it clear that you require cash or another immediate form of payment. Personal checks could potentially bounce. 

Write a detailed description of the car

Describe the car in as much detail as possible without exaggerating any features for your benefit. You definitely want to include the price, mileage, repairs, number of owners, VIN, condition, and any accidents the car has experienced. Write in as much detail as possible, and use this opportunity to show off your creative side. After you've written the ad, post the listing on multiple sources to increase your potential buyers. You also want to include as many pictures as you can. Take pictures from the front, back, side, dashboard, floor mats, and details about the interior. 

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