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Reasons That It's Better To Sell A Car To A Dealership

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When you're ready to buy a new vehicle, you typically have to decide what to do with the old one. Unless it has very little value and you opt to sell it for its scrap metal, you'll probably find yourself trying to sell the vehicle. There are generally a couple ways that you can go about doing so — one is to sell the vehicle privately through online classifieds or other similar means, while the other is to sell it to your local car dealership. You should strongly consider the approach of selling your vehicle to the dealership. There are several reasons that this is a good idea.

You'll Sell It Quicker

One of the challenges of selling a vehicle privately is that it can take weeks or even months to sell. Whether you've priced the vehicle a little too high for what it's worth, or there are many other similar vehicles for sale in your area, you could have to wait a considerable length of time until you're rid of the car and have money in your pocket. This isn't the case when you sell it to your dealership. If the vehicle has any value, the dealership will typically buy it from you — even if it's to take the vehicle apart and sell its used parts.

You'll Spend Less Effort

When you take your vehicle to the dealership to sell, a sales representative will quote you a price. You can then decide whether to accept the price or submit a counteroffer. In most cases, even if you do a little bartering, the process of selling your vehicle in this manner requires very little effort. Conversely, selling a vehicle privately is harder. Not only will you want to clean and detail the vehicle before you list it, but you'll also need to take photos and put together an online listing. Then, you may have to arrange viewing times for several people who are interested, as well as go through the process of accompanying people on test drives.

It May Help You With Your Next Purchase

Selling a vehicle privately gives you cash in your pocket, but selling it to a dealership can help you buy your next car. Many people include their current vehicle in the purchase of a new one — the money that they get for the new vehicle can go toward the purchase of the new one, which is handy if you don't enough saved for a down payment, for example. While you won't actually end up holding the money from the sale of your car per se, it will make it easier to buy a new one.