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How Many Nissan Altimas Are There? The "Altimate" Question Answered

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You would think that with a car like the Nissan Altima, there are just three standard models to which you can add premium features, right? Wrong. Nissan pushes the envelope of everything consumers would assume about any vehicle by giving you eight basic models. If you are a confused consumer, you are not alone. Here is how to tell some of these models apart.

The Most Basic Model: The 2.5 Liter

This is the most basic model of the car. It is nice enough, and has enough perks to keep you content. It is affordable, too, coming in just over twenty grand.

The Next Model up: The 2.5 S

This just means that for your extra $400 MSRP, you get a hands-free interactive model of the in-dash virtual assistant. It is compatible with phones and tablets from a famous manufacturer. If you cannot separate yourself from your mobile devices, even when driving, this is the safer option for you.

The 2.5 SR

All the features of the 2.5 S, plus power features, aluminum wheels, leather this and that, etc. Perhaps the draw for some consumers in the adjustable lumbar support. Others may just want the sport spoiler. It takes all kinds.

The SR Midnight

For those who really love black (or for the vampire in you), there is the SR Midnight. Black-tinted windows, black wheels, black spoiler, and black mirror caps are the signature features of this model. Order it in black and you will have the blackest car on the road.

The 2.5 SV

For drivers that go long distances and end up nodding off at the wheel, there are safety measures in place on this model. An alarm beeps to alert you to someone in your blind spot. Another warning tells you when you or someone else is crossing lanes behind you. You can even start and stop your vehicle with a remote. For the extra do-dahs it will cost you an extra three grand above the basic price.

The 2.5 SL

The letter "L" in car talk always stands for "luxury." In this case, it also stands for leather, and lots of it. You also get a premium sound system for your tunes, and a digital compass in case you get lost. An extra six thousand dollars above base MSRP, and this model is yours.

The 3.5 SR

Bigger engines equal more power. That is true of this model and the final model of this particular vehicle. It is similar in all ways to the 2.5 SR, but with extra engine power and a few extra standard features.

The 3.5 SL

Luxury and more power are mixed together in this eighth and final model of this particular vehicle. If you have a little over thirty grand to burn, you could test out one of these. If not, stick to a lesser-priced model.