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Essentials You Need For Your Winter Survival Trip

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If you're hoping to brave the elements this winter with an all-out winter survival trip, you'll need to plan well in advance to make sure you have the supplies you need for success. If this is your first camping trip, her's what you need to know about what essentials you should include in your packing list.

UTV and Trailer

In order to get to your remote location, you'll need an all-terrain vehicle or a snowmobile, depending on the topography and weather of your chosen camping location. You don't want to be short on supplies, so consider renting a trailer designed for this type of vehicle to haul your supplies to the location. UTV trailers are versatile and convenient. Once you have your vehicle and trailer, you can assess how much storage space you have for the other items you'll bring.

Tent and Tarp

Unless there is enough snow to build yourself a snow shelter or quinzee, you'll need to bring items to stay shelter from snowfall or rain. A typical camping tent is not durable enough to handle winter elements, so you should bring both a tent and a heavy duty tarp. The tarp acts a barrier to protect the tent. If you plan on building a shelter, pack a foldable snow shovel and a hatchet to break into snow packs to dig out a place to sleep. 


Other methods of keeping track of your location are more challenging to use in winter. If it snows or if there is a storm, you may not have visibility to locate landmarks or tracks leading to and from your campsite. It's best to pack a compass and a portable GPS to help you find your way, even if you are confident in your sense of direction. 

Food Supplies

You'll want to pack food that is readily available. Your burn through a lot of calories as your try to stay warm, and so you'll need food stuffs like trail mix, jerky, and other high carb items, especially if you spend the days snowshoeing or cross-country skiing. Consider packing "meals ready to eat" to avoid the need to thoroughly cook food in the event you can't find fuel dry enough to start a cook fire. 

Sun Protection

Many people forget that it is possible to get sunburned in winter, but the glare from snow and ice can make burns even more severe than they would be in summer. Pack sunglasses, lip balm, and sunscreen for maximum protection. Lip balm can also prevent cracking that comes from exposure to wind and shifting temperatures.