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Five Ideas You Can Use To Transform Used Buses

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You have probably seen used buses for sale somewhere along a highway. There is always a lot of them too. Yet, what could you possibly do with a used bus? Here are a few options to get your imagination going and possibly get you to consider the potential in every used bus you see:

Art Gallery on Wheels

When people cannot go to the art, bring the art to them! Encourage local artists to show their art in a museum with wheels. Every painting and drawing can go on display on a seat, on the bus's ceiling, or on the windowed walls where it can be appreciated in bright sunlight. Take the bus into areas where the less fortunate live, and bring some culture to them.

Mobile Medical Clinics

Follow the example of "blood-mobiles" and take your own medical practice on the road. Provide care to those who need it but cannot afford it, and/or provide emergency care in your own medical transport. Who says doctors cannot make house calls anymore? You could, if you transform a used bus into a medical clinic.

Inner City Swimming Pool

If you cut a hole in the roof the bus that is the length and width of the roof, make the edges safe, remove the seats and related metal components, and then shut the windows and doors, you can transform this bus to a roving inner city pool. You can also close off the driver's section with heavy-duty aquarium glass so that the pool-bus can be driven anywhere. When you want to remove the water, simply open the windows and let it drain out!

Literacy on Wheels

Finally, turn the bus into a literacy program on wheels. Stock the bus with books and offer lessons in learning to read. Either give the books away or become a little lending library that travels and makes rounds to different neighborhoods each day of the week. Some seats can hold books, while other seats remain open for literacy programs. Nancy Reagan would be so proud!

Your "New" Tiny House

Tiny houses are all the rage right now. Buses can be converted into tiny houses and even into RVs. You will have to spend a lot more time and money making these conversions, but then you could go wherever you want and take your home with you. Otherwise, just transform the bus into an RV, and keep it as a cheap alternative to an overpriced RV.

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